Who is  God AND what exactly does He mean to You?

Most people, especially young ones, do not have a good answer to this most important question in life. Let us review some of the basics of history to understand this necessary subject. It is a little heavy, but it all fits together and makes sense. You will love it so much as you understand it !!!

Since nothing can come from nothing, Existence itself must have been the First Cause of everything. We call this Entity “GOD”. HE IS Existence and gives existence to everything else every moment to keep it in existence. Nothing else is existence, -- or else it would last forever! HE is our Maker!

True Love desires & wants what is GOOD. We love what we feel, or think is Good. GOD is ALL GOOD. HE loves the GOOD in us that He created. Because GOD wanted to give and receive LOVE, He created everything good in nature including people. God started with Adam the first man and then Eve the first woman, so they would procreate and have many children that He would also love.

Since God loved Adam & Eve so much, He gave them all they wanted in the “Garden of Eden” (Paradise) including the Gift of Free Will but did not give them the power to be God. Unfortunately, they in their Pride wanted to be like God and disobeyed Him by trying to make themselves equal to God. For this first Sin of theirs, called “Original Sin”, they were permanently weakened and then often tempted by their “lower nature” to either: avoid what God wants, or do what they want, even if against God’s Will.

This continued for thousands of years with people too often doing their own thing against God’s Will. Because of this regular ignoring of God, God decided to change things and created Abraham, the father of the Jews & Christianity, to lead His people - the Jews, to do what He wanted, not what they wanted. For this, He gave Moses the 10 Commandments that stated what mankind should do and not do. They said to Respect God, don’t use His Name in Vain, to Keep Holy at least one Day a Week – the Sabbath or Sunday, to obey one’s parents, not to kill, steal, cheat, lie, have sex outside of marriage, etc.

Though the Jews wanted to and tried to follow      The 10 Commandments, their “lower nature” often led them not to and to sin instead. They were sorry, apologized and tried to make restitution or atonement by sacrificing animals etc. on their altar in the temple to God in Reparation. However, a finite animal could never make restitution for a sin against an Infinite God. Therefore, God had to send His Son Jesus Christ, an infinite being, to teach us how and why to follow His Commandments and to sacrifice Himself on the altar of the Cross for our sins. To show our true sorrow and true atonement, Jesus asked us to join Him by uniting all our works and sufferings with His – if we are truly sorry for our sins and want to get right with God!

This is what we celebrate on the altars in our churches in the “unbloody and Holy Sacrifice of Jesus in the Mass” when we offer and unite ourselves with Jesus’ sacrifice. And then He allows us to partake of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist in Communion with Him and others. This is His Gift to us when we are right with Him, -- sorry for our sins, committed to avoid them in the future, and truly want to Do His Will all the time.

As we think about this, It is important to note that Jesus gave us one main prayer to say, the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father, in which we pray –“Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. This is what we should be striving for all the time! – in all our thoughts, words, and deeds, --- to live in God’s Will as if His Kingdom has already come to us and we are already living in His Kingdom.

With the above Judaic-Christian History, Heritage and Example, most Civilizations have been struggling to follow it for 2000 years. But since we are all burdened with our “Original Sin”, this is a continual challenge. Therefore, though Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to give us Gifts to fight our challenges and gave us His Mother Mary and hundreds of Saints to teach us and help us, mankind has always been split between those who really want to Do GOD’s Will (do GOOD!) and those who want to Do their Own Will. Instead of Trusting in Him in His Love and Mercy for us, we trust in ourselves! And when things don’t go the way we want them to go, we fall into worry, fear, anxiety, negativity, complaining, etc. We must learn to say Fiat! – “Jesus I Trust in You”!

Because God knew all of this ahead of time and because He loves us so much and wants to be with us all the time as in the beginning in the Garden of Eden, He promised that His Son, Jesus, our Messiah, would come to us again, from His Kingdom in Heaven. He said he would give us certain signs as warnings when this would happen. Please see the Home page on GodANDCountryNOW.com to know where we are now, what we are to do, and where we must go from here!

God promised that those of us who are truly sorry for our sins and have a firm commitment to do His Will will eventually be blessed to live with Him in eternity with Love, Joy and Peace forever!

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Thank you very much! And May God Bless you, your Families, our Country and our Churches NOW that we may again have              ONE NATION UNDER GOD! 

With Love AND Truth! – Trusting in God's Mercy and may His "Will be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven"!

Vic Melfa
[email protected]

Victor J. Melfa BS, MBA, MA, ABD
College of the Holy Cross, ‘57
Columbia U., - Northeastern U.
Cofounder and/or Board Member of:
The Training Associates,
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Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society,
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